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The Top 5 Wheelchair Sports

by Will Jones

These 5 sports are very popular among the disabled community and have become part of the Paralympic games. They are adopted from their standard sport counterpart and adjusted for our fellow disabled. Some rules and regulations have been modified to accommodate the abilities of the players. So without further ado… 

1 – Basketball

Wheelchair basketball became publicly known back in the 1950s. The popularity of the basketball for disabled spread quickly. A governing committee was formed to oversee and facilitate the sport among the disabled community, the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF).

The rules and regulations for the wheelchair basketball has remained the same except for the “travelling” penalty and regulations. Just like its standard counterpart, the wheelchair basketball remained as competitive and challenging for the athletes and fans alike.

2 – Fencing

This sport have been around since the 1400s and eventually found its way into the disabled community. The wheelchair fencing adjusted a few rules and regulations from the standard version. Fencing originally involved horse riding, in this modern version of fencing, the horses were replaced with wheelchair.

Wheelchair fencing requires a lot of technical abilities dependent on mobility. Thus, the sports athletes are very skilled players. They need to master their wheelchair mobility, and quick reflexes.

3 – Rugby

The wheelchair version of rugby was founded in Winnipeg, Canada in 1976. This contact heavy sport combined the fierce elements of volleyball, hockey, and basketball. The sport quickly got adopted by many communities and is now being played across 25 countries.

In 1993, the overseeing body of International Wheelchair Rugby Federation was established. This exciting sport is now also a part of the Paralympics sport.


4 – Racing

Wheelchair racing, also commonly known as chairing, has started to get popular among wheelchair athletes. The wheelchair version does not only involve racing from start to the finish line. Wheelchair racing have obstacles, ramps, stunting, and rail riding.

5 – Soccer

This version of soccer is often played indoors, on a basketball court. Much of standard soccer game was adopted in the wheelchair version. The game is played with goalie and a team of 5 field players. The adapted soccer combines elements of soccer, handball, and some from basketball.
Wheelchair athletes who enjoy fast-paced sport will really appreciate this sport, as they get the chance to show their athletic skills.
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